Beginning of a New Era is a long-awaited feature documentary film that delivers a strong and positive message of hope from the Mayan elders for these transformative times.

According to the Maya and their calendaric systems - we have just entered a new great cycle of 26.000 years.
This signaled a major shift point in consciousness and a new galactic dawn.

In the film the main Character, Mayan Elder Marzo Quetzal reveals us about the ancient vision of the Maya for the New Era - and also about the most important battles that each one of us still needs to fight - that take place inside each one of us - in our hearts and in our minds.

The Mayans have tracked a diabolic energy that has been invading and torturing man since the beginning of the time - this energy is named for them Pujcu - and this energy acts through each one of us.
Other cultures and religions have also named out this same energy - calling it Wetiko in Cree Indians, Satan in the Christian, Mara for the Buddhist etc. etc.

The film makes a journey in this subject, revealing how we have been individually and collectively hypnotized into the grip of this ravenous energy, the mind-virus of Pujcu.

The film has also road-trip aspect in it - Following a trail of hippies, looking back how their flower-power revolution started in the 60’s and how they took part in Mexico at the great ceremonies of the Maya for aligning the change of the great cycle 21.12.2012.
How was the atmosphere and how are people reflecting about the shift?

How do we dream up our world?


Director's word & Production status 

This movie has been a long journey of 10 years in the making.
I was studying the meaning of the long-count calendar of the Maya of 26000 years, and felt how it was in synchronicity with other visions for the new times, for example Kali Yuga, Age of Aquarius etc. etc. 

Then I received a calling to travel to Mexico to join the ceremonies of the Maya at the end of 2012 - and gathered up a film team in Finland and I ventured into Mexico & Guatemala. The journey was magical but little did I know that it was just the beginning.

During the years I have studied deep into this subject, and travelled around the world in numerous places and countries to interview some amazing people and to get into the vibe of the New Era.

Also - the film has required a shadow aspect to be studied - to understand that part in Human life - and how important it is to become conscious of the darker energies that try to lure one off the good path.
This dark energy has many names.

These years have been fullfilled with magic and adventures of life, I'm deeply grateful from the Universe of this calling to do this movie - and deeply grateful of this journey (s)he has provided.

This all has of course demanded huge amount of work, huge amount of sacrifices, including financial, time, energy, etc. etc. 
Not just from myself but from numerous other people aswell, 
I'm deeply grateful for the amazing top-notch team that has manifested during the years.

The journey has been challenging and intense at times - But not impossible, and here we are - seeing already the harbour.
We are currently at the very end of the production, just last bits of editing to place together, animations, composing etc. 

We are accepting support Financial-wise (buy/participate),
Thank you so much everybody for the support in any ways you feel like to give good energy.

We are also looking for team a person or more to help with social media platforms to get the message out. 
Contact : team@newerathemovie.com

With lots of love and gratitude

Olli Ylinen